Hungry for Nature?


This diary records my personal pathway to becoming a Student of Nature.

It can be anyone’s journey, but this one is mine.

I came back to the land on my quest to bring healing and meaning into my life. And sure enough, Nature was here waiting for me. Nature waits for you, too.

This path began during a year-long adventure in a little converted minivan, where I began healing from an injury that changed the direction of my life, leaving me unable to work and needing a great deal of self-care.

It was during this cross-continent journey I discovered the healing power of sitting beside the ocean, howling at the moon, talking with the cacti and sleeping under the skies. All of these actions calmed an overstimulated nervous system and helped me breathe more deeply.

Following the sun and moon helped restore balance. When I returned “home” it was clear I no longer wanted to live in a city. I had developed  an appetite for the outdoors. I was hungry for knowing about nature.

So the road journey ended with a new beginning – the purchase of 60 acres of woodland and meadow on the beautiful Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada, in unceded Mi’kmaw territory.

This blog is for those of us who feel depleted, over-stimulated, discouraged and at times a bit hopeless in an urban environment. Who maybe feel isolated or disconnected in our day-to-day lives and aren’t prepared to accept that as normal.

It’s for those of us determined to find more meaning in our lives, to live with our eyes and hearts wide open and longing to discover what it means to live in community.

This is a place for those of us who refuse to coast through life, swept into eddies of consumerism, information and incessant social media.  For those of us who hope for better and want to do something creative with that hope. For those of us who need to get our hands dirty with it.

This is a little blog about finding ourselves amidst the noise of today’s culture of consumption, and finding peace and balance on our terms; as a Child of Nature.

Pull up to the fire and let’s face life together, with curiousity and wonder. With a spirit of openness and childlike abandon. Let’s play 🙂

With our whole hearts.

7 thoughts on “Hungry for Nature?

  1. Hello, Kit Vantasti, aka This Vantastic Life.
    Your Journey to Nova Scotia is incredible, and as I write this reply from the shores of the Gulf of New Mexico near Naples, Florida. I prepare to wander into the Everglades for some solitude.

    As a nomadic, following your journey is inspiring and empowering. I have forwarded your site to numerous women who are inspired by your abilities to adapt.

    Stay warm and safe in Nova Scotia as I continue to follow your journey.


    1. Ahhhhh, thank so you much for the kind words Marty. I have never been to the Everglades. Is it easy to find solitude there? I look forward to meeting your friends 🙂
      I’m staying nice and warm and am really enjoying the winter so far. Before we know it, it will be spring 🙂
      Stay well!


  2. I am a year away from my beginning! But even these months are a journey. I look forward to hearing more and dreaming more. Your blog is inspirational! I hope my adventures include what you are creating for yourself!


  3. I hope this is the other blog you referred to in my comment on the vantastic blog! Yayyyy! I found it and by doing so hope to learn along with you about self discovery, healing and rejuvenation of spirit! And of course I hope there is some art done here too!


  4. Oh I was thrilled to read this today, after following your thoughtful writing of your road trips.
    As I travel Australia, this is the sort of place I am searching for! Wishing you well with it.

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  5. Diddo:). Hello Kit and Pippa:). I’m soooo glad to hear we can tag along on your cape breton journey. I secretly hoped one day you’d be ready to share. I simply love your vantastic blogs and they keep me going through those ottawa winter blahs. I can’t wait to hear about your journey and learn along with you.
    Happy capeventuring 🙂

    Love Aneta


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