Picking yellow plums at The Farm


I’m Kit and I want to inspire anyone who needs just a little nudge to follow their heart back to the land.

I’m the opposite of an expert at land-living. I have no education in the arts of the great outdoors: no botany degree, no landscaping certificate, no agriculture credentials. I’ve never farmed before, and I don’t know what it takes to keep a chicken content.

I’m only marginally physically fit for my middle-age status, fight chronic physical laziness and sometimes fall into addictive patterns of behaviour by mid-day. I have health issues with names and treatments, and try to live beyond them. I have significant memory difficulties  at times, and because of this, social interactions can be challenging sometimes.

Like many, I am a  survivor of sorts,  and have spent a good part of my adult life knitting together confusing stories, emotions, relationships and situations in an attempt to feel whole. A stress injury in a military environment woke sleeping dragons.

Despite these challenges, I am also insatiably curious. And hopeful. And I laugh easily. I’m of the opinion that curiosity, open-heartedness and connection are the main ingredients required to return to a state of balance. I’m going to fight all the thoughts that tell me I have to be more “qualified” to live in nature.

I don’t want to live in nature. I want to reclaim my place as a bonafide member of Nature.

I suspect we all could use a little time reconnecting with Mother Earth. But if you are a little too nervous to make that decision alone, I’m going to venture out on a scouting mission on all of our behalf.

And I’ll report back regularly 🙂